October 31, 2010


I lost my camera. I can't find my camera.
so that means.... No photos for this post :(
I know... I like to see photos too rather than just read what I'm crapping here..
Anyway, I went out with Ah Bao and Qiqi yesterday
HAHA.. to Sunway.... was CRAZY window shopping..
I had no money so that trip to the mall was a little restricted :D

Before that, I had piano class.. and it delayed a little
when I got home that two girls were like
They: "We're at your house already"
Me: WHAT?! I just got home! I'm not ready yet!!!!
They : oh, it's okay.... we'll wait...
Me : == And I can't find my purse...
They: ahahahahahah...

==And so, I went rushing out of the house....
Went there and met Aqilah and her Boyfren~ :D(so sweet)
And she was like regretting going out cause SPM was near and stuff...
Chill la sayang :D

After window shopping, the 3 of us went for dessert....
My HoneyMoon
I don't know if any of you been there
but the dessert are DAMN EXPENSIVE (at least for me la)
cost about 10++++ per bowl
but it's SUPER filling cause they put alot of those coconut milk....

this photo was NOT taken by me...... i got it from the web :D

And for dinner, we went to have steamboat near Inti college and met up with Xiu Wen..
GAHHHHH its been ages since i saw her!!! I miss her sooooo much!!!!!
was crazy laughing and gossiping there....

Still, what a shame that i didn't take any photos....
I MUst get my own camera soon!!!!

October 29, 2010

Thanks Babe!!

Ooh la la... I'm in a good mood today~~~
WEEEE~~~~~~ my package finally came!!
My first time buying clothes online!!!
I was actually expecting it to be late for a few days but it arrived on the dot!!!
(*unlike the other postman*)
and yes I am VERY excited because it's my first time buying stuff online
heheh!!! happy sia!
and also thank you to my brother for signing the package
as all of you know postmen comes quite early in the morning
and i haven't got out of bed..... :D nor did i hear the vigorous bell ring *my bro's words*
Photos below.... please ignore my camwhore and the LQ cause my camera is missing and i had to use the phone :D


better censor them for safety purpose
*just in case some obsessed freak zoom in and get my Number*


October 26, 2010

Apa Lah!!

okay..... my Template Designer is not working
It has been for a while actually but i thought it was because of the stupid connection
But it's not and it still hasn't go away yet!!! YELP!!!


October 21, 2010

Blah Blah Blah... #2

Testing....... 1,2,3?
can i upload photos now???
*blogger said there was some maintenance thing... hmmmm*

October 19, 2010

Blah Blah Blah... #1

My stupid hair and messy room.....


October 16, 2010

Linkin Park

I love listening to live music and going concerts
(but recently I had some experience there and i don't wanna talk about it)
especially rock one's cause then I'll go crazy and high and dance around (oops..)
I don't really favor a specific genre but i ALWAYS DO LOVE rock
especially the ones where they sing their hearts out with meaningful lyrics...
just gives me a WOW feeling... (SOUNDS GREAT WITH HEADPHONES)
then I'll be all over that band/singer for a period of time.. LOL

My latest addiction is Linkin Park : Waiting for the End
I was actually looking for The Catalyst..
which is another great song that i heard from the radio
but waiting for the end is more my kind of song
should totally check it out!!

listen to it!! *recommended*

and also the catalyst :D

October 14, 2010

Tan Vivian.

Today is the birthday of my most favorite person in the world!!
I have known her for 5 years now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!
was totally heart-broken after she transferred to Batu8 (you people better treat her well!!!)
but we still kept in touch and call each other from time to timejust to check up with each others life :D

she even plays the guitar!! how cool is that!!!!!

She has been there for me when i was down...help me with my homework when i suck at it..
give me confidence when I was "emo"
and even attended tuition classes with me(of course I'm not really the main reason.. LOL)

She puts up with ALL MY CRAP when I was angry at everything else
and listens to me blap about boys ALL DAY!!!
gives me advises when I'm at a dead end....
And i might have turn this quiet/shy girl into a crazy/playful girl!!! *sorry!! =D*

Overall, I Love HER (No, you pervert, not the lesbo type)
She is the best and I could never ask anything more from her..
Viv, i miss you/love you/heart you FOREVER :D

October 13, 2010


Dear Mr.Postman,

i was wondering.............................. WHERE IS MY LETTER?!
My sister wrote me a letter on my birthday and sent it wayyyyyyyyy before now..
and it's been a month but IT STILL HAVEN'T ARRIVE!!!!
she sent my brother's birthday letter this month and he got it already!!!
WTF! I was sooooooo excited bout that when she called and told me i had a letter coming
and damn those flyers stuffed in my mailbox... (no i DO NOT wanna but furniture!)
just hand me that letter and no one gets hurt! RAWR!!!!

From: you-don't-wanna-mess-with-me(and FIND THAT lost letter!!!)

webcam-ing with my sister

October 12, 2010

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, i was wandering around the internet the other day
and i stumbled upon something that I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT!!!
this thing has been on my wish list for QUITE SOME TIME already..

HINT #1: it has many colours...

HINT #2: it plays music...


It's like my dream come true!!!!!
I didn't get the Ipod shuffle the last time cause it has no screen... (and i LOVE SCREENS)
I didn't get the Ipod Nano cause it has no clip on(s) and I don't like holding/hanging it around
(and i didn't even consider the Ipod-touch cause it was wayyyyyyyy too expensive..)
So i was like:
I like the clip...hmmmm
I like screen... hmmmm
I absolutely LOVE the touch-screen thing.... hmmmm
And now...... APPLE HAS ANSWER MY PRAYERS!!!!!!!

now i can go jogging/shopping/going around with music with just clipping...
but I'm not sure that it has come up in Malaysia...
oh well... thank goodness I'm going to the states soon!!
probably will check it out there...
hmmm.... any suggestions what colour i should take?

Check it out here!

October 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I AM SUUUPER LAZY when it comes to Sunday...
is it me or there's something about Sundays...
i don't wanna DO anything on this day..
just wanna stay at home, laze around, play with my dogs...
speaking of dogs! I GOT MYSELF NOT 1... NOT 3... NOT 4
BUT TWO PUPPIES!!!!!! (technically they're about 4 months old)
don't worry... i have their photos in my camera...
so I'll probably post it sometime...

And YAY!!!!!!! i got myself a new pair of specs!
it's been two years since i checked my eye sight(ya.. i know..)
was quite surprised it didn't really increased much..

it looks abit bigger than the previous one but.....

October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday BRO!!!!!

This one goes to a VERY VERY special person in my life :D
he is my awesome/cute/cool/great brother
i can never ask for a better one..
well... i REALLY cannot ask for a better onebut i think it is safe to say HE IS THE BEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD
all the chores that i don't wanna do...
he's do it for me without saying anything (only in a good mood)
when i did something wrong... he'd lied for me
when i don't have enough money to buy something
he'd pay for me... and i can get away without paying him back
when I'm tired he'd give a me a massage (by force... heh.)
Some people say that when we are togetherthey think that we are a couple
hahaha!!! that's because we are VERY close...
maybe that gives people that a kind of vibe
I don't know about him having admirer's but
some of MY friends told me that he is very cute/good-looking
ahahah!!! of course.... look at the sister :D

Anyway... Happy Birthday Bro...
officially 15 years old...
I wish you luck in your PMR
cham... having exam during your birthday...

October 8, 2010

FREE ATLAST (almost)

shamWOOHOO!! trials is FINALLY over today...
still... doesn't change the fact that SPM is in 40 +++++++ days only!!!! *panics*
AND yay! i have a new blogskin!
call me 2000-and-late, i just updated templates to the newer version..
gahh, better late than never :P

anyway.. despite exam week...
i still had some time to get myself off the stress and look for some entertainment on the web
and i started............


HAHAH!!! i remember randomly stumbling upon his video a year ago
shamwoohoo was the first video i saw from him...
i stopped watching for sometime due to some other my-life-sucks-stuff
and now I'm releasing stress watching his videos... YAY!
should totally check out his other videos cause it's so damn funny!!
(he talks really really really fast)
not to mention he's the most subscribed channel on youtube..

p/s: he's getting hotter lately =P tan and lean...woohoo!!!!

Then, Kritz and Karmern told me to watch FRED!!
which was the second most subscribe channel
after i watched his vid i was like.... woah.
don't get what I mean?
watch it for yourself...

get what i mean....
this video is sorta old...
but as i said, only recently i checked his videos out so...
bear with me... :D

P/s: his voice was kinda LOL/annoying/hilarious at the same time for me..

NOT to leave out ShaneDawson...
he's kinda of a pretty boy to me.. :P
his videos are mostly just him acting various characters..
but sometimes he sounds and looks like a girl... hahah
and that's what makes it funny..

p/s: his videos are kind of 18++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


October 3, 2010


Don't fake all surprise...
I know i have been "gone"for the past few days weeks months
but this time i have an excuse.. :D
it's EXAM WEEK!!
and soon it's gonna be SPM(the real thing!)
*sighs* time flies~
I'm so sorry but i just don't see the
"end of this tunnel reward" Dad...
but i can't wait to be free of SPM!!!!!
so... wait for me people :D
Good luck students of SPM!!

oh look, it's me!!

yeah... way to go Gandalf... ==

I just like the photo of this guy.. heh...