March 30, 2011


After getting out SPM results..
We decided to get together at night for dinner and catch-up..
"We" actually included Fiona, She-Reen, Michele, Diviya, Breena and I..
but turns out Diviya had some other stuff going on and Breena........
I dunno why..
anyway, picked Fiona up and went to Sunway Piramid to meet up with the other 2...
We decided to eat something "expensive" because well..
we haven't been out like forever xD
Since Michele does NOT fancy Japanese
so we went to Italianese...
(it was either that or TonyRomas but Italian won!)

LOL... it was more expensive than we expected..
the food and service was good..
overall.. we had fun talking about "stuff"


Fiona ^^


She-Reen :D


i heart this..

Michele's expression just cranks me up xD


With flash... which is better?

in the toilet..



My Favorite Shot!!!! :D

Love you guys <3

March 26, 2011


Recently irritated by annoying people lately.
Why do you wanna ask so many questions?
Don't you get it if some one seem to be avoiding you ALL THE TIME.
Are you simply dumb or just too thick-faced?
Do you REALLY want me to say it to your face?
cause I have ABSOLUTELY NO problem in doing that.
Me being polite does not mean you can just step out of line.
Hell, I even USED my tone with you...
You still don't get it DO YA?
You're not even my "friend"
probably acquaintance.
you make lame jokes and expect me to laugh at them?
Who are we kidding?
And don't you ever think that you are "over- flirting"?
Talking up to numerous girls at a time is soo........ tacky.
Not to mention EVERYBODY knows.
And you're not even good-looking..
And I'm smarter than you(can be proven scientifically :D)
Why should I play with you?
It's so obvious you make friends just for benefits.
(Everyone has at least one. who doesn't)
but you're NOT mine cause you have absolutely nothing to offer me..


*Takes a deep breathe*
Sorry for all the ranting..
Have to get it off my chest before I broke my lent promise..
Updates: I GOT MY L license~~
wooohoo... which day is ideal to go leh??
I'm still thinking which college to go...
never gonna be in Taylor's Lakeside Campus cause the A-levels is in Subang..
or should I go for HELP?
anyone suggest PLEASE??
somebody please just sign up for me..
so I have no other choice but to attend xD


Like my new photo? I'm very happy with the effects ^^
I added the blogger LIKE so now non-FB people and people who don't wish to exposed themselves can LIKE!!! xD

March 25, 2011

Oh Nana! what's your name?

want sho sexy mehh xD


Even though we not very close but you still include me cause of ah bao~
(and I'm not really sure when is your birthday but its today on FaceBook)
You show your support by visiting my blog frequently xD
of course I support you too by liking your fan page and "occasionally" stalking your blog too
despite what had happen that day
you still let me know that it's ok by writing on my wall..
I feel so gan dong~~!
Sometimes people may not be so nice in the inside as the outside..
probably in front of you they say they love you they support but
you'll never know whether if they really treat you truthfully with their "heart"
So don't listen crap from anyone unless you know it yourself ^^

Yup!... I got stalk your blog la..
you always write that you're fat and stuff
ngam ngam ok like me xD
unlike those skinny girls who fall down will probably break their bones...
I'm not kiding k... they really can die from falling down de lor...
plus you're tall... still need to complain meh..
Oh, and I wish you stay happy with your boy boy..
you two make a cute couple ><> *I stole your photos :P*

March 23, 2011

It's Nothing!


I took my SPM results today :D
Not very happy with it...
Why? cause I had high hopes for it...
and I had dandruff from all the stress for....this?
(I NEVER had any dandruff until that SPM month, it's all gone now though)
Oh well, just have to live with it...
Life is not over with that stupid paper..
(just have to keep telling myself this.)
Even if I can't get FULL As doesn't mean I can't succeed in life.
Congrats to all my friends who scored distinction :D
(But don't get all stuck up on me xD I might have to slap you.)
Of course I am jealous of the people who scored high.
Probably they committed more than me?
Probably they have higher IQ?
Probably I partied too hard?(If that's the case then I might have scored better than I thought xD)
Getting this results made me think of studying in overseas.
I'm starting to think I'm probably not book-smarts material hahah...
I might be better off overseas..
since they don't really care bout how SUPER SMART I am..
*I'm simply just making myself feel better so don't try to trash me.... I might be even more vain than this :D*
ohmygosh. NOW I really need to find a rich boyfriend to rare me for the rest of life xD

Dear Vivi,
You'll always be the smartest girl I know xD
SO what if some people can get pretty marks..
now people don't really care bout academics anymore..
It's more of what a person you are and how well you can adapt in life.
and you have both that qualities :D I promise!
I heart you~ ^^

Dad, Can I have a new Phone PLEASE.

March 18, 2011


Found this randomly... with my bro in 2009

If you're NOT using that link...
can you just delete your damn blog so others can use it?!
As mention before... I'm thinking of changing my blog link..
Why? simply because I want a change...
sometime in life, a little change can do you good^^
and then I finally set my mind on one...
it's been taken!!
so i decided to go "view" that link stealer!
and it turns out!! they(I don't know it's a her/him, thr4 they) have only ONE ENTRY..
ONE!!! whatthebabi?!?!
that doesn't even count as ONE.
and it was posted in 2002!!!!!!
damn you!! whoever you are!!!!
what a nice link and it goes to waste just. like. that!!
even if you changed link... and you were keeping the old one so that your friends can redirect..
but if some one asked me for the old one..
I would just delete it so others can use!!!
I wanna hurt something tonight!!!!!

*Takes a deep breath.* SKIP.
My brother Nicky quitted FB...
I KNOW. *gasp*
how can it be so easy for him?
if it were for me..
I would consider what if someone was looking for me?
What if someone ask for my FB and I say I didn't have one?
would they think I live in a cave?
so many problems occurred in my head...
and I asked him why would you do that?
he just simply answered.... It's getting boring/lame.
hahah... sometimes I wish I can be like him..
and DO check out my new photo on FB ^^
That stupid FB somehow deleted my photo and it's just GONE...

Oh! I realize my stats have been increasing lately :D
I am very happy ^^
thank you friends for showing your support by liking my entries :D
means loadsss to me..
muacks muacks muacks♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

If you guys are curious which evil being "misuse my link" it's here. :D BE NICE~

March 10, 2011


on the plane.

ooh lala!!!!!
good news folks!!!!

weee~~~~ had a feeling that I'm gonna fail but.....
anyway... it's the starting of lent today...
It's a christian thing.....
long story short..
I'm suppose to fast something for 40 days!!
and guess what!
I'm fasting the F word.
^^ don't laugh!!!!! (think I can't do it? I'll prove you WRONG!!!)
and if I ever get angry or did any mistakes..
I'm replacing it with............................................. Babi!
you heard me xD
cause believe it or not... I curse even if i drop something...
(yes. ask ANYONE of my friends.)
yes, I'm one vulgar b*tch.
woops.... heheh...
babi could be a F.A.R more polite way... :D

whatever lah. just avoid the F word.
anyway. notice my NEW layout?
i bet you did. And I lovvvvvveeee this.
like this post if u agree with me :D
I did the banner myself...
with special fonts of course.
oh, and I'm thinking of changing my blog address too..
so heads up people.
will notify if I finally decide on one....

Let me just have a quick introduction to my newest addiction!!!
It's called The Big Bang by Rock Mafia.
something about this song just get me hooked ever since!

March 1, 2011

Missing in.....ACTION?

:D i have rosy cheeks

whoops.... I feel like I've gotten wiped off the planet lately..
I don't go out...
I don't dress up...
plus..... I don't on my phone... :D
then I stopped hanging out with my favorite babies... :(
Not because I purposely shut everyone out!!
and I have ABSOLUTELY have NO excuse...

all this time when people ask me..
"so, what are you doing now?"
I would just answer say I'm waiting for my results(and no I'm not working so fucking stop asking already.)
but now that SPM results are almost here..
am I suppose to find a college?
am I suppose to JUST start a course?
how am I gonna get there then?
will I make any friends?
will I have any free time like I use to when I start college?
I'm getting nervous..
This is the point where you have to make big and right decisions in life..
And get this feeling where I don't really wanna be treated like an adult YET.

Since my resolution for this year is to GET IN A COLLEGE.
so, my brother suggested for me to enroll in HELP.
(yes, my dear Kritz&Kentz I may be your future college junior xD)
Reason? cause HELP offers this A-level subject which includes law
(I heard that other colleges don't so...)
I don't really know what to study so I was suggested to go for law..
I might have a tad interests in this "bossy industry"
but I'm not so sure..
therefore...when I complete my A-levels with HELP
see if i REALLY like that subject then I could continue with whatever...
sounds like a plan? :D
but I don't really like that it takes a year and a half...

Have you guys made a choice for your future?