December 15, 2009

this sounds fun~

Tagged by Karmern/Vivan
A. You prefer
1.Alcohol or Mineral Water : distilled water please.(i don't DO mineral) :D
2.Blue or Pink : Pink is better than blue~~~
3.Hot Guys or Cool Guys : Can i have both please~?
4.Good Looks or Brains : Both. :P
5.Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner : Taylor Lautner~~
6.Friends or Loved Ones : Friends and love ones.
7."Baby" or "Honey" : more like babe or hon...

B. You/Your kind of guy :
1.Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic : non-Alcoholic(but can drink very well!!)
2.Good or Bad : Good(actually i want bad)
3.Brave or Cute : brave makes him cute!
4.Tall or Short : Definitely tall!
5.T-Shirt or Suite : Depends...
6.Coat or Leather Jacket: Whatever he likes...
7.Sunnies or Spectacles : Sunnies.. (specs when he's at home or working~)
8.Caring or Rich : caring and rich!!!!!
9.Kisses or Hugs : i want both(yes i'm greedy so what.)
10.Romantic ?: maybe~

C.You/Your kind of girl :
1.Cute or Pretty : Both
2.Sweet or Caring: Sweet~
3.Sports or "Princess Candle'' : Sports of course~
4.Surprises? : Yeap.
5.Smile or Frown : Smile.
6.Love Quotes or Love Poems : Love Quotes.
7.Computer Geek or Study Nerd : Party freak?
8.SMS or MSN : just call..
9.Forever or Just For Fun : just for fun... (serious ones are only forever.)
10.Hangouts with Friends or Couple Date : i rather hangout..

D.Your Daily Activities :

1.After Breakfast : i don't HAVE breakfast so straight to lunch :D(i know it's unhealthy)
2.Before School: 40 winks in the toilet!!
3.During School : thinking how to approach the cute guy i saw at[the mall/school/neighbour]
4.After School : Sleep!!!!
5.Night : TV/tuition/piano/snack
6.Midnight : snack..
7.Holidays : painted nails and long naps!!!!

E. Tag 10 people :
1. Blacksheep
2. She-reen
3. Rave
4. Fiona
5. Kritz
6. Blake
7. TTH
8. Joshua
9. Josh
10. elmo

1.What if 9 confesses that he/she likes you ?
-slaps him and ask "have u been inhaling fumes from the lab?"
2.Will you go out for a couple date with 3 if he/she asks to ?
- erm... maybe but weird..
3.Is 7 single ?
- could be. should be. maybe.
4.Describe 1 :
- fun, big bang craze, adorable
5.Will you date 8 ?
- maybe just a fling...
6.What is 2's nickname ?
- Shreen!!
7.What do you wish to tell 10 right now ?
- So, when are u gonna confess to HER?
8.What is 5 good in ?
- Academics..
9.If you were to do one thing to 4, what would it be?
- buy her things she nagged me for..
10.Have you seen 1 cried ?
- oh... that's a NO... maybe i should try..
11.Is 2 crazy or geeky ?
- surprisingly both!!!!!!!
12.Will you hold 7's hand and walk around ?
-if he begs for it.. :D
13.What do you think of 6 ?
- hilarious. my best fren!
14.Will you kiss 3 when there is only both of you in the park ?
- no, I'm not a perv...
15.Is 8 sweet ?
- tall maybe..
16.What is 9's hobby ?
- checking up super heroes. LOL!!
17.Will you date 10 to a high class restaurant ?
- only if i wanna make "someone" jealous..
18.Is 5 fitted to be a maid ?
- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i can picture him in a maid's dress...
19.When it started raining, who will you seek for an unbrella ?
- Fiona~~~~~
20. Where would you go with 1 on a date ?

November 13, 2009

Trying to blog as frequent as I can.(3 posts)

Hey blake! remember that day i send you this photo
i told you it was so funny
but "your" msn cacat cannot receive
ya, not that I'm dumb
it's your own connection's fault
don't blame my pretty smart brain.
anyways,this is the photo lo

click to enlarge!

eh, i was watching and I paused then become like that already ok.
I did not really go exactly that part just to laugh.. LOL!!


Now, i know most of you waited for my Britain trip's photos
there are several reasons that i haven't upload them
-I lazy
-takes a long time to uplaod
-haven't edit/photoshop
-kinda feels like i look fat in most of those photos.

SO NO!!! But i'll upload them eventually la..
now u guys just have to wait...

on the plane


I have this theory that cute/hot guys are lazy
Yes, L-A-Z-Y
Because whenever i go out i don't really ever see one.
My theory hasn't really been proven la(LOL)
These cute/hot guys don't really need go through the suffering of chasing girl
compared to the normal looking boys
because in the good-looking guys "world"
that job is for the girls
therefore - lazy
so, that explains why every good-looking guys we see are with ugly girls
like i said. my theory.
No offense I'm not saying that if your boyfriend is good-looking that means you are ugly.
that's why i say my theory not really proven lo.
sometimes when i go out shopping
i see a BUNCH of good-looking guys walking together.
literally, ALL of them are good-looking
but the probability(maths meh) of seeing them is less lo..
they're lazy again. lazy to come out to this beautiful world~
my theory that we don't see both pretty guy and girl together is because
pretty girls will normally wait for the guy to make a move
while pretty boys will want the girl to make a move
nobody moves...
then since other people are going after them also
so they just accept la.
once again, theory NOT proven...
don't go telling other people after you read this
kena scold not my fault..

November 8, 2009

FREEDOM!! / bloody brainless clowns

Yay!!! finally!!! Exam is over!!!
my plan is go to school for another week...
can always ask mum to write letter ma....
Angeline's Jennifer's Body anyone?


Bloody Brainless Clowns (BBC)

I just wanna ask ALL the girls out there.
have you ever receive random sms from unknown numbers
saying stupid stuff like
"Can we be friends?"(erm who are u?) or
"Do u know who am i?" (ya, like i'm psychic) or
"Can i chase you?" (Do I fucking look like a dog to you) and most brainless one
"Can i seek you?" *speechless*

through my "experience" normally these "clowns"
get our number by scrolling our friend's phone which is also their friend
cheap ..... bloody fucktards.
i just HATE these kind of things.
unless i told them to get my number from my friend la
then only i don't mind.
but even though i hate these stuff
i'm just TOO CURIOUS to know who is this he/she(girls won't be so wu liao de la)
so i keep text them back
which is....
fuck, they got me there.

These are the only people who can be so hilarious and annoying at the same time..
hilarious because of their broken english la.
there was this one time a guy called me and say FLIRTATIOUSLY
"Can teach me English a? i heard you're very good in English leh..."
and i was having dinner with my parents
so i quickly said
"I'm very busy right now.. i'll call u later"
and i can bloody well heard that he on his speaker phone
cause of his stupid giggling friends.
so i just hang up and of course...
i didn't call him back.

What i'm saying is
we girls HATE these stupid tactics..
or rather i hate it only.
of course it was fun when i was bout 13-14 years old.
but now it just seems stupid..
just state your name la when we ask who are you.
And NO, we don't fucking wanna guess who are you.
play the guessing game pulak.
thats low man.
REAL low

so dear boys,
if you like a girl
and you wanna "chase" her via sms
get the number from the person themselves or
just state your name and and how you her number and your purpose in texting her
(only if u wanna kau her la. takkan you're just her friend then you text like that)

Hi. I'm Kritz(haha). I just wanna be your friend. not more than that.Don't get the wrong idea a..

I bet you guys are wondering why i'm suddenly so angry at these people.
Yes, i have this problem AGAIN.
and this time nobody knows who this numeber is
and i'm so bloody piss at this person i wanna rip his head off with my bare hands
or maybe it's a her. 0.01% lo
curiosity kills a cat.

arrrggghh!!! i wanna know who is he!!

October 18, 2009

VIV-vian... *muackss*

Dear Vivian,

Happy sweet 16th Birthday!!!
the day finally come huh...
too bad u have to study for your upcoming exam.
was trying to get you out of the house but failed once again.
next time should just go down there and drag you huh..
went shopping because of you...
hunting for present
but still haven't find the right one yet though.

Actually i was kind of piss off when you blew me off.
when i called you were like so tired
but die die also want to read that chemistry book
even if it's your birthday you don't sound happy
i just don't want you to get so stress out.
a girl has to go out and have fun!
like me!
but you're reading WAY too much textbook..

Anyway.. sorry for the late online wish...
today only i realize i didn't wish ya in facebook...
Love ya lotsss....
see you soon!!!

October 1, 2009


currently blogging from scotland..
nearing the country side
where i see LOADS of sheeps, horse, cow.........
i know....
san ba place...
but i'll soon be driving down to London..
i think by the time i'm blogging
you guys are sleeping...
behave at school(kekekekekekekeke)

will be back to Malaysia soon laa...
and stop cursing me for being here...
i sneezing all the time here.(H1N1 mayb???)
JOKING!! **kisses**

September 25, 2009


hello every1..
I will not be around these days for i will be in london
enjoy school pepss...

London bridge is falling down, falling down.....

September 20, 2009

BACK... for now..

okay, so
i was happily editing my blog
u know.. like for a big come back..
din really realize then that it was raining and thundering.
then suddenly...
darness came in
and the computer leaves is a flash of light.
LITERALLY a flash of light.
i forgot to save my notepad/previous skin code.
so now...
i'm stuck with this...
do u guys like it??

July 26, 2009

i miss my long hair....

okay i don't REALLY miss my long hair...
short hair looks sexy..... sometimes..
and long hairs gets a higher percentage of bad hair days...

Happy Belated Birthday Blakey!~

I know its REALLY late.
But i still wanna dedicate a post to you! (c.. i treat u good)
just wanna wish u happy birthday on 12th July(ha! i remember)
even though you're mean to me all the time.
even though you're drunk all the time.
even though u call me mean names... ALL THE TIME.
you are still me best guy-friend!
eww... better stop before it gets any cheesier.

ps: You're MY Bitch!

cannot tahan..

yes.. drunk would be the word to describe u.

yes..i was going to hit him..

ha! wonder how i got this...

dont act cute... u noe u cant beat me... keke

July 10, 2009

To My Fans..

...... i don't know how to start.
I'm not gonna start by saying sorry again.
Since that's what i typed in my other *recent post(s)*
i know i know... my blog is so dead all the time
but being my FAN is hard...
My schedule is so full all the time..
i hope u guys understand.

May 2, 2009


seriously do i have to apologize all the time i'm late writing a post.
regarding the time i did that is countless
so from now on i'm not gonna start my post bu saying "sorry"

Xiang min, me, siew voon and teng got ask to perform.
i played the piano while three of them sang...
lol... i got pretty nervous and break a few times.
other than that the stupid school photographer keep using his DSLR "clicking" at my face.
ya, wayda go dude.
so... enough of me talking. let's show some photos~~~

some of the "behind the scenes"
me and ah bao~


us again!

getting ready.


i noe la! just trying ma..

AHEM "my makeup artist isn't here yet.."


playin gangsta

so kawaii!!!

hey! im not ready la!


pretty baby..

voon and teng.

this is my all time fav. me

all photos given by min~~~thx! muackzz..
and additional photo for this post is
*drums roll*


April 5, 2009

happy belated birthday TABBIE!!

my fav picture...

this IS her

tabbie? wats tabbie? *too much choral speaking*
since room mates they call roomie, class mates they call.......
well anyway, because we share our table/seats/place watever they call it.. so
we're tabbies!!! *sounds like tellie tabbies.. then again we'r oso a fan!*

let me tell you more bout my tabbie...
she the first person that i know thats
so pretty that ppl even refuse to sit wif her...
i know right... i didn't know these kind of ppl exist...
*of course i din noe tats y i sat wif her, so tats y ppl keep staring at me*
well she is 1 of them!! hmmm wats more...
well she's bloody damn rich!! thats wat she is...
and.. and... oh ya...
she's also "VERY EVIL"
*from my personal experience, she like to smirk evilly every now and then*
seriously! SCARY! i
look at her fake innocent smile(i know i believed it too...once)

to prove we hav a "intimate relationship"
i knows her secret and she knows mine...
of course WE bloody well will keep our mounth shut..
ps: lurvv ya lotzzz
and sorry for the late wish(i did wish you tat actual day k)

sorry for the "special" words... been reading too much british novels lately..

March 9, 2009

an EVEN dead blog...

it's exam week??
im gonna cry...

*c ya soon ppl... (as in after the exam, duhhhh)

February 20, 2009


it's been hella a week for me...
like it's not enough that Pn Tan's stressing me out on her "numbers"

first, i got serious sun burn...
as in burn my scalp shredding dandruff, face turn red(like drunk) the WHOLE WEEK serious

second, boy drama...(NO FURTHER DETAILS)
me of being accused = flirtatious/playgirl/not-so-innocent(yes kritz... im not letting it slide)

THIRD, which concerns me the most... *drum rolls*
i don't know how i got caught in the middle of this...
i don't really wanna talk about it...
just in case OTHER people say that i talk behind their back...

yay!!! im getting my competition pictures...(ps: the hot guy i was talking bout...)

January 29, 2009


yay yay yay!!!
the moment we've all been waiting 4....

went back to(my hometown lo..)
was so happy to see the kids(I'm a teenager already k)
this year was kinda different...
i went out with my cousins and cousin's cousins to KARAOKE
lol... my first time...
went back to my grand parent's house bout 4AM?!
wth... never once in my life i have to sneak in my grandparents house(cause every1 else sleeping ma)
anyway.. all the pictures are with my cousin
so gonna get 'em once she's back...
we did some REALLY crazy stuff...
i even saw some1 fight at the club(oppss, i did not go in a club)
some girl....

OK... going to out tomorrow...(come stalk me O stalkers...)
just joking...

January 16, 2009


it suddenly dawn on me that
she really isn't going to come back
she no longer studies here
who's gonna share their bread with me
who's gonna teach me math

when you left
u kept telling Fiona to take of herself
You didn't say things like that to me cause u know i can take care of myself better than any1
i was hoping that we both need you so u don't have to go
i didn't cry badly on that day(u know how bad i can get)
just a few drops..
but when i went back to school today
i finally realize that you really ARE not coming back
i was this close to break down and cry out loud

i know we still can c each other on holidays
but maybe we won't be able to even meet a year
regarding how busy u are with tuition
i hope when we see each other again in the future
we won't just be hi bye friends
you didn't even cry when we said goodbye
but we both know u would when u reach home

we know each other all too well
i know we would separate sooner or later
but u just make it sooner
together for 4 years felt like i known u my whole life
you were the best friend i ever had


i hate you for apologizing to me all the time
i hate you for being so nice to me
i hate you for sharing your food with me
i hate you for being so close to me
i hate you for knowing me so well
most of all...
i hate you for all the things you did for me...*sniffs*

which makes it hard for me to let u go alone and go our separate ways...

life goes on so i wish you well and
good luck FOREVER and don't cry when u see this message

I know I'll get teased for writing such a post to you...
but i wanna look back and realize our friendship were so deep.