March 4, 2012

Recap of February

March my ass. time flies like WOAH.
anyway sorry for slacking in blogging.. :D
apparently blogging with my BB is a tad difficult due to the fact it do not REALLY have the Blogger App
*i found out that iphone has it fml :/*
nevertheless i still love my BB :))
anyway, February has been a VERY VERY busy and rushing month for me..
with me starting degree and all, to settle down, and a very dear friend leaving the country for studies :')
 first off to send my friend LYS off to CHINA Taiwan :)
without me LOL. yes i stole this from FB ==

initially I was suppose to plan his farewell party and all...
but then I had to fly off to Aussie for a very important event =(
oh well, let's take it as we're not really saying goodbye cause we'll still see each other often RIGHT :D
i felt so bad for not being able to be there since that we are quite close.... I mean he kinda IS my neighbour too LOL.
If your seeing this my friend I'll try and fly there to see you some time okay :D won't be soon though

So I skipped 2 weeks of class for "vacation"
hahahahahah! sort of a getaway for the weekend..
I decided to tag along with my dad on a business trip to Bangkok! :D :D
of course its pleasure for meee...
all in all it was a really good trip... i did alot of shopping!
bought clothes like nobody's business..
went to Ayutthaya new floating market...
wasn't really what i expected cause the shops weren't really BOATS.
its sort of a wooden walkway on top of a man-made lake LOL!
don't get disappointed though... the one i been is the new one.. there's alot of floating market in Thailand so you guys can really check out the others :)
please excuse my bad quality photos as ALL of them are taken from m BB 9800 =D
i know i know.. I'm saving up to have my own camera someday!

Girls should ABSOLUTELY check out the Platinum mall :D  BUY IN BULK! 

checkout the clinic's name xD

hotel room <3

ze floating market

boat ride!

FYI those are fishes

I think I might have a soft spot for kampung boys :P plus he's super shy!!! :D me like!

And what is the point of visiting Thailand without an elephant ride :D

a family friend <3




family friends <3 

so when I came back from the Bangkok my mum bought me the next flight to Sydney for the emergency event...
I don't really have to unpack my Bangkok attire and went back to the airport the next day =.=
it can totally be my second home dee..
went there and met up with my cousins!
was good to see my cousins after so many years since the last time I've been in Sydney was when I was 4 :/
going there can be like dejavu xD
a little bit fragments and memories...
okay i sound dramatic =P

my quirky relatives LOL <3


Miri =))

Parsley Bay <3

And as usual I can't stop time, March came and here I am at home now in Malaysia...
I don't think i'll be going anywhere soon since I have to keep up with my studies
till then.... TOOLOOSS <3