November 13, 2009

Trying to blog as frequent as I can.(3 posts)

Hey blake! remember that day i send you this photo
i told you it was so funny
but "your" msn cacat cannot receive
ya, not that I'm dumb
it's your own connection's fault
don't blame my pretty smart brain.
anyways,this is the photo lo

click to enlarge!

eh, i was watching and I paused then become like that already ok.
I did not really go exactly that part just to laugh.. LOL!!


Now, i know most of you waited for my Britain trip's photos
there are several reasons that i haven't upload them
-I lazy
-takes a long time to uplaod
-haven't edit/photoshop
-kinda feels like i look fat in most of those photos.

SO NO!!! But i'll upload them eventually la..
now u guys just have to wait...

on the plane


I have this theory that cute/hot guys are lazy
Yes, L-A-Z-Y
Because whenever i go out i don't really ever see one.
My theory hasn't really been proven la(LOL)
These cute/hot guys don't really need go through the suffering of chasing girl
compared to the normal looking boys
because in the good-looking guys "world"
that job is for the girls
therefore - lazy
so, that explains why every good-looking guys we see are with ugly girls
like i said. my theory.
No offense I'm not saying that if your boyfriend is good-looking that means you are ugly.
that's why i say my theory not really proven lo.
sometimes when i go out shopping
i see a BUNCH of good-looking guys walking together.
literally, ALL of them are good-looking
but the probability(maths meh) of seeing them is less lo..
they're lazy again. lazy to come out to this beautiful world~
my theory that we don't see both pretty guy and girl together is because
pretty girls will normally wait for the guy to make a move
while pretty boys will want the girl to make a move
nobody moves...
then since other people are going after them also
so they just accept la.
once again, theory NOT proven...
don't go telling other people after you read this
kena scold not my fault..

November 8, 2009

FREEDOM!! / bloody brainless clowns

Yay!!! finally!!! Exam is over!!!
my plan is go to school for another week...
can always ask mum to write letter ma....
Angeline's Jennifer's Body anyone?


Bloody Brainless Clowns (BBC)

I just wanna ask ALL the girls out there.
have you ever receive random sms from unknown numbers
saying stupid stuff like
"Can we be friends?"(erm who are u?) or
"Do u know who am i?" (ya, like i'm psychic) or
"Can i chase you?" (Do I fucking look like a dog to you) and most brainless one
"Can i seek you?" *speechless*

through my "experience" normally these "clowns"
get our number by scrolling our friend's phone which is also their friend
cheap ..... bloody fucktards.
i just HATE these kind of things.
unless i told them to get my number from my friend la
then only i don't mind.
but even though i hate these stuff
i'm just TOO CURIOUS to know who is this he/she(girls won't be so wu liao de la)
so i keep text them back
which is....
fuck, they got me there.

These are the only people who can be so hilarious and annoying at the same time..
hilarious because of their broken english la.
there was this one time a guy called me and say FLIRTATIOUSLY
"Can teach me English a? i heard you're very good in English leh..."
and i was having dinner with my parents
so i quickly said
"I'm very busy right now.. i'll call u later"
and i can bloody well heard that he on his speaker phone
cause of his stupid giggling friends.
so i just hang up and of course...
i didn't call him back.

What i'm saying is
we girls HATE these stupid tactics..
or rather i hate it only.
of course it was fun when i was bout 13-14 years old.
but now it just seems stupid..
just state your name la when we ask who are you.
And NO, we don't fucking wanna guess who are you.
play the guessing game pulak.
thats low man.
REAL low

so dear boys,
if you like a girl
and you wanna "chase" her via sms
get the number from the person themselves or
just state your name and and how you her number and your purpose in texting her
(only if u wanna kau her la. takkan you're just her friend then you text like that)

Hi. I'm Kritz(haha). I just wanna be your friend. not more than that.Don't get the wrong idea a..

I bet you guys are wondering why i'm suddenly so angry at these people.
Yes, i have this problem AGAIN.
and this time nobody knows who this numeber is
and i'm so bloody piss at this person i wanna rip his head off with my bare hands
or maybe it's a her. 0.01% lo
curiosity kills a cat.

arrrggghh!!! i wanna know who is he!!