February 26, 2011

I've Got the Power with Sucker Punch!

Sucker Punch

Oh yeah~ Emily Browning is BACK ON THE BIG SCREEN
always been a fan of her since Series of Unfortunate Events...
cause she's so pretty and cute and.....
anyhoo, Nuffnang is giving away movie tickets to it's premiere!
so.... YAY!!
Why? why would I wanna watch this epic action fantasy movie
1. Me like Emily~ (duhhh)
2. the casts are TOO HAWT TO IGNORE (even Vanessa Hudgens is in it..*gasps*)
3. and oh come on!! they have a super hot asian chick in there!!!

If these 3 reasons are not enough then I don't know what is....

As to what would I do to escape if I were held against my will with Babydoll and her team?
Let me just point out that this is an epic action fantasy film which means...
I get to have super power to assist me in this great escape... :D heh
I would be able to manipulate people's thoughts~
as in making the guards giving me what I want..
In another words, the guards are my bitches...
(O.o this is getting interesting)
Then Babydoll comes along and convince me to join their team.
I'd grab a gun and kill whoever blocks our way!! :D
*on a side note: they should totally make guns come in many different colors to make this movie more special*
On the downside of my abilities,
I cannot manipulate the captors
cause well, let's just say they're too smart for my mind tricks...
SO we have to"manually" fight our way through the big bosses...
And once again, Babydoll and her team save the day......
Wait. isn't that from powerpuff girls......... hmmmm...
Oh well..

Crossed-fingers that I win these passes!!!

February 11, 2011


pic name

pic name

pic name
my cousin sister + I

Must quickly update before you guys start to complain :D
but I'm not really in the hype this year...
many friends started work/college
hence the less time we can spend together...
I didn't even get to go Ah Bao's house this year :'(
speaking of visiting..
I just cannot tolerate people who are so money minded and visits people's home on the sole purpose of getting ang pau...
you didn't even fucking invite me to your house...

anyway... back to the purpose of this post :D
As most of you know... I sort of missed CNY because I was in Switzerland to attend my sister's graduation...
LOL... yes, she is back!
and no, not for good cause she's going to work in the States soon..
gosh, I haven't even post my USA photos yet another batch comes...
not to mention I want to edit some of the lighting of the photos...
(annoying flash *I'm the "few" ones who HATES flash..*)
since there is SOOOOO many of them...
I just post it on the NEXT entry...
Till then,

Just in case you guys don't know, I HAVE A SYKPE ACC!!! xD
come add me ann_jer_lynn
but DO tell me who you are...
I don't simply approve

February 2, 2011


sorry for not posting anything lately...
I'm busy travelling..... again..
yes, I know! i just came back from the United States and now I'm off to somewhere again.
not to worry!! cause I'm "telling" only NOW.
so my trip is about to end and I will be back in Malaysia in no time!
as to where am I? I'll keep that a secret...
but it's freakin -2 celcius here!!!
*dies* bought a new pair of knee high socks and I just LOVE THEM!!!
woohoo~~ wearing them now as I type~~~
and I've been drinking wine and champagne here like nobody's business
I can't help it if "they" offer it to me...... always....
but so far I'm not drunk....yet :D
so... see you guys soon!!!
it's not here for me yet but...
YAY!!!!!!!! have fun my 2 bros in Melaka!!!