August 24, 2007


Haiz.. today was my piano exam... the hotel damn far.. was so sleepy.. went in to the room.. n greet the examiner.. she was friendly.. well.. my playing was a disaster.. i think.. when i came out of the room.. dunno y.. i was like forgot everything tat happen in tat room... T_T.. i think i must prepare to receive a fail certificate... haiz.. went back home.. too tired so went to bed.. had my lunch... fell like going out.. instead i stayed at home.. T_T.. the memory in tat room keep replaying... i hate tat hotel..

August 22, 2007


well.. lets flash back.. tat day was fiona's bday(happy birthday fiona!!) she took us out to 1u.. when we reach there kentz go meet up wif his on9 fren.. arent they scared tat they might be a bad person.. well he was like angry kentz 4 being so late..n we went to collect tickets 4 rush hour 3 bcoz we booked it on9 so we hav to go to the gold class counter to redeem our ticket... it was funny.. we all were like walking towards the GOLD CLASS counter.. other ppl were like 'their youger than us but richer than us' look lol...after tat we went to esquire(dunno how to spell)kitchen.. fiona mouth was like got hole.. her rice keep droping all over the table.. lol..we gave fiona her present.. den when we finish.. we went in the cinema to watch the movie... the cinema was like soo big... n cold.. nice seats btw.. tat show was damn funny.. den after we finish..we went to a souvenier shop n we keep laughing den suddenly kentz was like pulling me away n said sumthing to me(secret wakaka) den we all went to mph to look around.. vivian bought a correction tape.. me n kentz keep talking hidden words.. lol.. tat was fun.. they all oso dun understand.. den fiona requested 4 baskin robins so we go lo.. since the bday wan to.. after tat we all get 2 tables.. me,vivian,kritz n josh were like 1 table.. n kentz wif his fren another 1.. fiona sat wif kentz n his fren... they were laughing so loud.. lucky we sat the other table.. lol..jkjk.. we took alot of pics(all oso in kritz hp) kinda fun.. den suddenly kentz fren ran off.. i dunno wat happen.. so we leave the place.. den when we call fiona.. she was like acting deaf so we leave her n kentz alone lo... stil dunno y she dun wan choi us.. we walk around n went in to this perfume gallery... so nice.. den blake called to check us out..he was like keep talking none stop so WE chatted wif him wif the hp.. i mean it was his money right.. lol.. then it was time to go bac.. so we all take a lift from josh.. the day ended like this..

August 18, 2007

a day like this...

Who ever is reading this pls stop now i advise u.. every thing tat i write is a complete crap... tat day wheni was out in mid valley.. i was watching movie with 'sum1' den beside me there was this couple who was like malay.. then after they close the lights.. the couple beside me they were like start making out... OMG.. they were like.... OMG.. get a room.. cant do anything though... i mean..wat was i suppose to do.. stand up n say 'excuse me ur kicking my leg sir' or 'for god sake get a room'... dumb.. im juz 14... n u guys r doin this in public n beside me...they r totally obssesed with each other... well its the holidays already.. every1 was happy.. except 4me.. my piano exam is near.. hope i dun fail.. if i do.. i need to pay again..T_T.. dun even dare to think about it... oo.. n fiona's goin to be 14(but i think she thinks it 15)within 2 present.. hmm.. where to shop 4 this 'princess'... did i mention tat i saw my a fren i add in frenster(accually he add me) i saw him in IOI.. omg.. he was like keep following me... T_T.. then finally he walk up to me n offer meto hav a drink.. i was freaking out i said next time.. ya.. i kept my cool.. his frens eye were like looking at me.. scary.. when i went bac home.. i saw tat sum1 add my frienster.. i saw tat it is his fren!!! he even add my msn... god.. he keep talking to me.. he even ask me out..T_T.. i very scared leh... got sum advise 4 me u guys?

August 13, 2007

days like this..

Today was like sports... then we were like playing bola jaring.. if u play ball there must be the defender right.. then this malay girl(which noe chinese) was like keep bloking me.. so i think i stand at the wrong place d laa.. so i moved to the other side.. then she follow me... so its ok.. it call BOLA JARING right... then wen i say in chinese.. call my frenz to pass it to me.. she heard.. n start pushing me.. i think tat i was goin to fall.. the force was like a canon ball hit me..T_T hate tat b**ch blek...din even say sorry.. of course at last her dumb team won... bcoz of her stupid tricks...y they dun even giv her a red card..

After changing my cloth..i went back class.. then i wan to drink my water.. then suddenly i realise tat half of it was missing.. i thought sum1 drank it.. then i ask the boy behind me.. then he said tat when those indian boys were playing football IN THE CLASS n it hit my bottle... then the water was like leaking on the floor... i was so piss.. i call him to buy me another bottle of mineral... luckly he wasnt those kinda indian who like to pick fights... so he bought me another bottle

Recess time came... n go.. while goin bac to class.. we(fiona,vivian n me) saw blake n kentz laughing their heads out.. so they explain wat happen...apparently CPTV walk past n they were like shouting bad word(which i dun wan to giv example) chatting...chatting.. then suddenly he walk past again.. thinking tat he is our fren.. he talk to us.. we were like hinting him to go away.. so blacke insulted his sisiter...he shouted PLASTIC even its kinda mean.. but its fun... tat stupid sister of his..

there is this 1 time... b4 i noe tat she is his sister..when i was walking... her eyes were like looking at me.. i mean its ok to stare but her looks was like get away from me b*t*h kinda stare.. i was like.. OMG.... did she just gav me THE LOOK?? i mean tat time i dun even noe her.. she is like so f**ked up... hate her... sum of my frenz say tat she is jealous bcoz tat im pretty than(sorry to be perasan).. n sum say tat her bro must hav say sumthing.... until to this i still dunno y...

August 10, 2007

hey guys..

i edited my blog... take up so much time.. lol.. these days were weird.. haha.. today Nazura was like so dumb.. she start clss with using her dumb laptop.. then she forgot to attach de cable to her laptop(she thought she did) then she just play de cd about math in her laptop... there was only sound... i was like laughing... but den every1 laugh.. lol.. dumber than me ar.. today de 2 twin was like asking 4 de sivik book.. then i took de book from my fren.. n then ask him to say sorry 4 calling me plasma tv..when he said sorry.. i dun hav de relieve feeling.. so i ask him to bring his other twin to say sorry to me.. wakaka.. his teacher was like standing there ready to go in de class.. so he ask from another person.. wakaka.. serve him right.. i think tat is all 4 today..