May 28, 2013

Finishing my year 2

I cannot believe that I am officially done with year 2 of my degree....
well not exactly since i missed my company law paper wtf.
don't ask me i am completely clueless how that happened also.
Mind you, I am not someone really clumsy or forgetful, so forgetting my exam time is a real shocker to me.
not to mention i was so blur to the point i didnt know i missed the exam already until i reach the hall
HAHAHAH. that was hands down the most stupid moment i feel in my entire life. 
so now that i have finished my year 2, i dont know what to do :( 
should i work? should i travel? or should i just stay at home for another 3 months......
sometimes the idea of getting my application done just makes me wanna sleep the whole
I am really lazy and apparently I am running out of time.
You may think 3 months is a long time but it actually isnt.. :/ 

For those who are considering going overseas to study, 
you'd probably know about writing a personal statement already.
Is it just my laziness or is this thing a pain?
the deal is, you have to write about yourself and submit it to your preferred transfer office.
Honestly at first i thought this thing was suppose to be easy, but when I went on my laptop....


not only does it make you feel bad about your life but you still have to try and write something really convincing to those people that YOU ARE RIGHT FOR THE UNIVERSITY.
i wonder if anyone decided not to go due to this piece of short essay..

March 8, 2013

Seremban :)

Took a short visit down to seremban to see my lovely Sharon!
So happy to have finally see her after so long of planning
Wish time didn't went by so fast and I have to return home so soon :(
Oh if only she didn't stop college...
I had to skip a whole lot of CNY visiting just to see her leh!

Anyway I recently had my very own personally ipad so I decided to download this blogger app!
There's not a whole lot of stuff I can do on here but meh... It's enough for a short/quick update..

January 17, 2013

well this is awkward....

Greetings people :))
if I waited another 2 months it will be a year already since my last post. :/
I apologize to those of my friend that sometimes "stroll" in here on the hopes of an update from me ( just so much as a fullstop.) but nada..
I was too lazy. LOL.
but I have to admit 2012 was not great for me...
It was okay in terms of everyday life, but for major milestones?
I don't think I have any for 2012

So back to the reason why I "abandoned" my blog for almost a year.
( Abandoned is used lightly here because I did not completely ignored it la)
I guess 2011 came easy for me
with looking for a college, meeting new people, experimenting the "outside" life and such..
everything fell into place just as it is
but when 2012 came I just didn't feel like..... Me?
I was always up for anything or everything!
but during that year I didn't wanna go out, I didn't like to talk or social, I only stuck to my old friends
I didn't wanna go to class most of the time, wasn't into my studies as I used to...
I felt like i was a 14 years old again..
Awkward and clueless..
the comparison from 18 years old to 19 year old me... there was definitely something wrong with me..
and maybe I didn't give out the vibe that I needed comfort or simply I was too good at acting happy
no one ever doubt me being upset with my life..
which I was.... VERY.
up to this day I still don't know why I acted that way..
I guess a way to put it is I basically PMS-ed all year last year LOL.

so after my vacation in Europe it reminded the purpose of living..
hahaha I'm not gonna go all philosophy of life on you but the jiss of it is
I "opened" my eyes again and I feel like myself now..
I see people my age achieving things

So yeah I wasted a year ignoring time and everything around me.
and so this year I'm determined to make the most out of it by being involved as much as I can.
well not necessary everything but most positive things!
my only regret for 2012 is all the time wasted at home wearing my PJs all day.
and not writing on my blog often of course.. ahem..

To those who are close to me reading this I AM FINE NOW.
I didn't have a mental break down or anything I just need time alone and think things through.
and I won't allow myself to fall in that limbo again ;)

so for a classic first post of the year
a recap of year 2012 shall we?
don't worry its not all dark clouds and dead bunnies =P

  1. I failed my first year of Law.: not a good way to start but hey that the highlight of my year hahaha. I never had a fail in my life and the first time I experience this is in college AFTER my Alevels. Lemme rephrase that I did not exactly FAILED my first year, its just that one paper of mine did not have enough credits to get through to the second year. Lucky my other papers looks promising and my lecturer decided to let me through and continue year 2 WHILE I resit that one paper again. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I PASS :D 
  2. I crashed a stranger's party, ate their buffet and left  O.O : I don't think this needs anymore elaboration.
  3. went through crazy shits and decided to cut my own bangs.
  4. With my countless times of hitting the pub, I finally went clubbing :D                                                     4.I nearly went home with a stranger outside the club
  5. I wore makeup OUTSIDE of my house for the first time. heheh *achievement unlock* 
  6. I stopped exercising and BEGAN TO LOOK CHUBBY: I can't really say i gained weight cause there wasn't any weight gained on the weighing machine. My face just decided to look ugly and unattractive.........
  7. I confronted a bitch  girl and (I THINK) cause her to lose friends and stop college altogether. 
  8. number seven sounded mean but she's really really even more mean... really.
  9. saw The Wanted but as you know I PMS all year so I didn't appropriately fan girled them.
  10. ignored a cute guy that came up to talk to me ( major loss weh) 
  11. had the weirdest new year count down ever. ( which i will never reveal its pretty adult sensitive :P) 

nevertheless, these are all in the pass and now part of me :')
there will be no resolutions for me as i prefer the go-with-the-flow method :DD
now if you will excuse me I have an assignment to rush within 4 days and I haven't even begin to research yet :P