May 28, 2013

Finishing my year 2

I cannot believe that I am officially done with year 2 of my degree....
well not exactly since i missed my company law paper wtf.
don't ask me i am completely clueless how that happened also.
Mind you, I am not someone really clumsy or forgetful, so forgetting my exam time is a real shocker to me.
not to mention i was so blur to the point i didnt know i missed the exam already until i reach the hall
HAHAHAH. that was hands down the most stupid moment i feel in my entire life. 
so now that i have finished my year 2, i dont know what to do :( 
should i work? should i travel? or should i just stay at home for another 3 months......
sometimes the idea of getting my application done just makes me wanna sleep the whole
I am really lazy and apparently I am running out of time.
You may think 3 months is a long time but it actually isnt.. :/ 

For those who are considering going overseas to study, 
you'd probably know about writing a personal statement already.
Is it just my laziness or is this thing a pain?
the deal is, you have to write about yourself and submit it to your preferred transfer office.
Honestly at first i thought this thing was suppose to be easy, but when I went on my laptop....


not only does it make you feel bad about your life but you still have to try and write something really convincing to those people that YOU ARE RIGHT FOR THE UNIVERSITY.
i wonder if anyone decided not to go due to this piece of short essay..

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