April 20, 2011


Meet MY NEW boyfriend. :D
I purposely put so big geh.
And yes, I DO like older guys.
No kidding. Especially those around 25-32.
Shit. I think I have to control myself.

My Stats are going down.
Whatthehell people. keep reading my blog!!!!
Don't stop! That's right..
Anyway, just to announce a little bit.
I'm going to get my driving license soon :D
That is IF I pass the test.
I'm super duper nervous right now.
(just in case you don't know: I pretty much sucked at driving)
Even though it's not tomorrow but...
and apparently I have to take a trial one first?
Why? (ah bao told me its the new law but not sure)
Whichever. I have to go for it, and it's on this Sunday.

My schedule seems packed lately since I've been making plans with people.
I figured since I've been so free all along.
Didn't realize I'm gonna get THIS busy until just now when I check it all through. ==
But I'm ALWAYS up for food ^^

April 17, 2011

My hairdresser refuse to cut me a fringe.

(I was too pissed to even care about my pimple.)
LOL. Not exactly.
Let's just say I'm not very happy with my haircut ==
Wanna know why.

 Yes. This is the AFTER picture.

And this is the Before picture.

See the difference?
NO? that's because THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE..
and I even wore the same shirt just to show you guys...
pfft. waste my time to go cut only...
Someone take me go C.U.T again!!!!
On the other hand... I actually look good in a cap with this hair ^^

Agree??? Cause I LOVE THIS PHOTO xD
look at my nose!!! so straight and sharp geh meh?!
wow. it's getting late.
Night people!!

See you so uptight lately.
Relax and don't worry lah.... sure you can score in your exams geh...
I'll be waiting for you when you finish ^^
Then only we hang out...

April 14, 2011


okay guys. sorry for the M.I.A lately.
wasn't really in the mood to blog so...
HERE I AM. again.
I think it's been about 2 weeks since the last post?
(cheh, not really a long time je...)
Have been really down these few days.
But I'm fine now!!
Actually wrote a REALLY personal post last week
but then I didn't want to publish it cause it's WAY too personal xD

So anyway,
Just to keep you guys update on my life :D

1. I Got Into College!
Yay for me? guess which 1? to be honest I think you guys never would have thought.
I'm officially a Brickfields Asia College student.
hahah. I pretty much like it there.
People are actually friendly and totally "my type"
lol. As in everyone of them is talkative and fun.
I'm heading for the Express Route for Law.
So you can say I'm currently doing my A levels ^^
And on a side note
Vivi came to my rescue when I forgot the bus number home
LOL. thanks babe.

2. My doggies got their license. Aw.
Yes. I went through all the trouble(the vet and to the MPSJ)
just to get them legal==
Why suddenly do all these?
Technically, "somebody" tell us out by saying our dogs are causing trouble in the neighbourhood
(And I think I know who. or rather, we ALL do)
Don't wanna trash anyone here but. Good for you for having a black heart! ^^
And my dogs are VERY friendly k..
almost too friendly.

3. I picked up running again.
I'm back on track people!! 2 weeks of being emotional has made me stronger!!!
I really need to get my confidence back.
And all the better to do it is to take care of my appearance! xD
Careful ladies. I might just snatch your boyfriend unaware.
Hahaha. I keed.

4. It was My brother's birthday.
Happy Belated Birthday Bro.
And congrats on your graduation.

i was like whatthehell. such a nice picture and he happen to blink.

Spot me?

5. I broke Kritz's heart.
In his words, he'd probably tell you I played with his feelings. :D
Maybe I did K.
Cause I like to tease people by nature.
I'll just leave you guys to guess what happen between us ^^
And it's not like he reads my blog so..
he'd probably won't have any comment.
Or rather don't even know about me talking bout him.....

To end the post, a picture of me and my beloved cousin Mimi.
<3 you~

On a random note: I'm in love with Darren Criss