May 23, 2010

who's driving tonight?

i would just like to say good luck everyone :D
been burning midnight oil/drive night car(chinese saying :P)
ALL week since last week.
I even stayed up all night for Sejarah
Wtf. who does that.
She-reen and I was comparing midnight snacks
i know.... LOL.

was so tired on Saturday
i slept until 7pm.........
ya i know... i regretted okay!!

Happy Studying :D
hang in there for just another 2 weeks!

May 9, 2010


today is the long awaited day for all mothers who work hard~
at least it's one of my mom's favorite day :D
but unfortunately she is now currently in Singapore
spending part of my future college fund in shopping....
have fun?

And my mom gets 2 in 1 this month cause
its the month of her birthday too!!!
so we'll probably celebrate all together when she comes back :D
I love you much~

bytheway karmern.....
you sound like your mom :D!!!!!!
ngam ngam realize that day


Oh. thank you
you notice my NEW blogskin eh
which i spend sooooooo many hours editing
causing me to sleep at 3am yesterday this morning... heh.
like love it?
just-so-you-know those pictures are mine :D
taken from the never-before-published-album from my trip to the UNITED KINGDOM!!
muahaha..... no worries...
I'm setting it to schedule post soon Kritz...
since you keep nagging me since last year
but before that i have to start watermark-ing all my photos yo...
for promoting blog purpose/preventing from stealing
for now...

another teaser :P

May 3, 2010


how did this happen..
I didn't know it until Fiona told me
how could he.... date a older woman
if she was ABOUT his age i would simply just support you
but no. he just HAD to choose a woman
who is older than him by 23 years!!!!!!!
and not to mention she's having his child?
and you're not married?!
i don't even wanna imagine you and her doing "it".
this is terrible.

my dreams are crushed.

May 2, 2010

my my.... it's MAY already...

my baby

Time flies
like really REALLY fast.
i can't seem to get myself to write the correct date of month
and the next thing I know.
it's the NEXT month already.
so many things to do but so little time :(
you don't see me rushing/racing against time when i was 14 ==
this sucks man.

owh.. and i met my boyfriend tom yesterday
was so eefing tired and sweaty and smelly
so i took a bath and slept like almost immediately
and woke up about 3pm
:D teehee gotta love my life yo~
will be posting pictures soon!!!!
and so many things to complain

moving on,
i recently saw a horoscope thing from my friend's blog...
you know, those kind where they tell you your habits with your horoscope.
and naturally i'm just gonna copy those with MY horoscope
for those who DON"T know my horoscope
well it's pretty obvious if you continue reading....
10. 最有异性缘:金牛&天秤&天蝎&处女(boo, its a lie)
11. 最理智:山羊&处女(hmmm... maybe :D)
14. 最吹毛求庇:处女(whatthe)
16. 最不肯吃亏:处女(who wants to..)
17. 最会讨价还价:处女(it's a good thing :D)
20. 最知性:处女&水瓶(what?)
26. 最可能晚婚:处女(NOOOOO)
27. 离婚率最高:双子vs处女 (oopss)
29. 最有求知欲:处女
35. 最会计较:处女 (hehehehehe)
40. 最拘谨:处女
57. 最重视考试:山羊&处女
60. 最势利眼:处女
67. 最会记恨:处女&天蝎 (no comment)
100. 择偶条件最高:处女 :D
123. 最重视真凭实据:处女
133. 最守时:狮子&处女(not really true)
142. 最会口是心非:天蝎&双子&处女 (HEY!!!!!)
147. 最不会拖时间:处女 (not true)
157. 最不可能主动告白:处女 (LOL!!!)
169. 最爱干净:处女 (NO way!)
189. 最易致富:山羊&处女 (what does that mean?)
195. 最善于分析事情:处女
205. 最有时间观念:处女
207. 最爱看电视:处女&天秤 (this is irrelevant ==)
210. 最实际:处女
217. 最有判断力:处女&天蝎
221. 最纯洁:处女
223. 最佳工作拍档:处女vs山羊
235. 最会检讨自己:处女&巨蟹

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