March 19, 2010

My Ah Bao~~~

my best girl-friend has recently create a blog
since she's all excited about i decided to dedicate a post to her
let her happy for a while :D
so this is for you girl!
happy mou?

just write WHATEVER you want dear!

March 12, 2010

crap all the way!!!!

i have been waiting this day for so long.
okay la, not that long
but school week was like a year for me in order to get to my holiday week.
i want to paint my nails
i want to go shopping
i want to just go out!
haiz ...... getting emo-er by the day

wow,I'm surprise myself!
not that i fail all the time.. those science's subjects only
getting better cause i worked harder lately.
gonna aim higher next time :D

i changed my "flavor of the season" again..
:D this time is....

i know i know
he may be the last kind of guy you'd think i like
and this guy is totally different with those previous' ones
not to mention he's in TOKIO HOTEL.(not my kind of rock band)
..... and he's German. if i may say so myself
nothing about him fits with my taste
but i like him!!!!