August 20, 2010

i guess you can call this a emo post :D

paiseh la. i've been hiatus for like.. a month already?
was stuck with my studies....
okay. that was a lie.
I WAS TOO DARN LAZY TO BLOG!(*gasp! big surprise there.. ==)
but special thank to all the people who cared/support and continue to view my blog
despite it's the same old post.. LOL!!

so.. whats up with everyone?
Me? I've been having REALLY bad days myself.
so many trauma in such a short time.
I'm surprise I haven't have one of those break downs YET.
1. my crush has a girlfriend which in my opinion... is cute (it's not a good sign isn't it T_T)
(and i met her in a mall the second day i found out)
2. my lovely sister/ best friend/ roommate/ driver went to Switzerland
3. someone just pop my fairytale bubble and slap-ed me back to the cruel society. (telling me how SOME people are really NOT what they seem)
4. alot of people let me down lately
5. adults giving me alot of problems
6. MY SPM IS COMING SOON!!!!!! (but I'm still coiled up with a novel ==)

and all that leads to low SUPER DUPER LOW CONFIDENCE LEVEL.
omygosh. i sound so down and emo.
hate to say this but reality sucks.
growing up is hard.
every now and then people expect you to be independent and do arrangements yourself
ause you're 17 already.
But sometimes.
I can get tired too.
And someday, I want to be the dependant instead.
god, i miss my laugh already. :(

i miss you jie.