April 4, 2010

The weather is getting on my nerves.

At the rate I'm going, I'm not surprise if i lost weight.
SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
watthehell?! It can actually reach up to 39 Celsius leh!!!
not only that hor, it's even humid.
sticky feeling all over my body....
afternoon nap also can make my bed wet with sweat..
i know... ew.
And then after a SUPER HOT weather
It starts to rain heavily.. ==
and then it gets SO FUCKING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sneezing like hell at night.
I'm on the verge of getting sick.

Speaking of which, today is my sports day~~
But i left before it ended.... too bad...

1. Chow Kian Siong (mmg my family de ah! *Hakka*)
2. Lee Yi Shen(don't give up ma~)

3. Daniel(know you very geng la)
4. Hau Nung (stupid daniel run so fast for what.)
5. and other random guys/girls who won :D teehee!
thank you to my fellow darling(s) who performed even though without me :D

plus also must include
PBSM & photographers like
Karmern, Fiona, Kritz, Josh, TiongHsien, She-Reen, Arif ....
and some i don't know/forget.

April 2, 2010

No more Tabbie but there's still DARLING!!!!

Dear Karmern/Aprilfool/Mern/whats-your-other-nicknames?,

I am deeply sorry for posting a SUPER LATE POST(they all fast only ==)
LOL, i realized i posted your birthday every year on my blog.
Not even Fiona beat your rank in my blog :D
And I did wish you what we both secretly wish WILL come true. *smirks*
But unfortunately this year i would not post any photos of you in my blog
because i HATE all your oh too perfect/beautiful photos outshining my other posts.
HAiz... just cannot blame you for your good looks and smart brain.
Life IS unfair~
You know how you can blind anyeveryone with that smile of yours la~~
hugs and kisses for you dear~~

The Wildest Girl you ever met in school :P

Girls/I Just Wanna Have Fun!!!!!

And the result for playing too much is being tired ALL THE TIME.
I'm tired at school
Tired after school
Tired at tuition
Tired while playing piano
Tired while eating
Tired while talking
Maybe because I'm trying to stop taking naps.


Since SO MANY people asked me why i didn't participate anything this year
(even though i wanted so badly)
and the reason is
because i hurt my back during practice.
Hurts like hell man.
It's like someone constantly throwing brinks at my lower back whenever i move
........ No, I'm not exaggerating.
And during that week of the back pains
"They" decided to choose people to go compete.
what did i do?
I bailed IMMEDIATELY la.
no way I'm risking the chance of making the pain worst.

of course, when they ask me why
i just lied and say i have no time.
save myself from the babbling bout me not taking care of myself during sports.
after so long i think it's fine already
At least I don't feel pain anymore now.

SOOOOOO, my advice is if
you play hard don't play too "vigorously" :D
so sad you know
to see others doing what you wanted but you know you can't.
PS: emo soooo doesn't fit me :D
don't feel sorry for me.