May 29, 2011

Clearly. This is NOT my fault.

Bad news people.
I lost all my contacts in hotmail. so....
Add me again? >0<
It all started because I forgot my password.
And damn. I tried for 3 hours and still..... I got it all wrong..
so I clicked the I forgot my password link.
And it asked me the "secret question"
2 childhood friend?
Okay fine. I key in my primary friends and..
I honestly can't remember what name did I key in 5-6 years ago..
and then there's this other option.
contact support..
At first it ask for my other email account..
which is yahoo(I don't really use this so...)
I thought it was gonna send some kind of mail to yahoo with the reset password thing..
BUT NOOOOO.. it simply just direct me to a forum and I completely have no idea what to do..
saying to make sure I am who I am...
(might I add that hotmail security is.................. *speechless*)

you might wonder why I couldn't remember my password..
i mean... cause it's FREAKIN hotmail!?
well... cause before it when i signed in
hotmail wanted to update my account so asked me to type in a new password..
but with alphabets..
and all along my passwords are only numbers..
so................. I forgot what I wrote.

A part of me is kinda sad cause I have been using this email for like forever!
so ditching this account and creating a new is like the hardest choice I ever made D:
it's like killing your own dog cause it forgot you D:
and all my friends knew my email-address by heart(you do right!)
asking them to remember a new one would be a hassle..

WHAT-AN-ASS a password can be..
so this is to you my dear hotmail account...
R.I.P you have served me well all these years...

For those who don't have my previous email address and wants to add me now..
I'm kind of a security freak so I won't approve you unless I KNOW WHO YOU ARE :D
add me then!

May 15, 2011

Singaporee : Universal Studio?

Hey guys!
Did I tell you I went to Singapore for the weekend?
NO? well now you know :D
The plan was actually just me and Celia.
Since she wanted to go for the Universal thing and I was free at that moment.
We looked up packages but it wasn't really worth it.
Coincidentally  my parents was also going to Singapore for that weekend.
So we decided to just go together ^^ safer also.
And my sister and cousin sister tagged along too.
For me the trip was.. meh..
Universal Studios In Singapore was a LITTLE SMALL for me.
I've been travelling and Universal Studios is no stranger to me.
And comparing to overseas, it's a little.............. limited.
But then again the standard is still there ^^.
So if you haven't experience any Universal Rides then...
You should GO FOR IT! (but I won't go there for the second time unless someone is buying me xD)
Bear in mind,
Singapore IS DAMN HOT.
so bring ALOT OF LOTION and umbrellas cause its open air everywhere.

It just so happens on that day
it was the election day for Singapore
So most of the teenage rides(roller coasters) was not so packed.
BELIEVE ME. Lining up in Universal Studios is NOT like lining up in Genting.
and most of the people there are foreigners :D sexayy~
Enough of the words!
Let's get the photos rolling!! ^^

Mimi, Cat and Cel

Cel and moi~

we're on the bus!

pretty Celia~
fyi: these hats are free and.................................. well alot of people wore them

MONSTER ROCK!!! the host was super duper cute (he's Caucasian*winks*  )

I LOVE this.

Oh look! GOTHAM = Batman :D

I dunno what's with the barrel.

Calm down people. It's just a prop.......


sweating like a babi.

I wish they really rared dinosaurs in there.

Yes, It's a castle ladies :D

wait. is Water World, Lost World, Egypt and Sci-Fi city BELOW us?

Donkey ears head-band!!!

Shrek's house la...

Yay! Universal Studios~

This one is my favorite ride of all.
It's like MAJOR EXTREME roller coaster.
it's called the BattleStar Galactica
I totally rate 5 stars for the cylon ride :D
(there's 2 different ones, human= mild, cylon= EXTREME GILA)
If you have health problems etc, this ride is NOT FOR YOU.
Yes, the Cylon ride IS fucking scary/exciting.
Since I'm an adrenaline junkie AND I have balls.
I went on it twice :D
proud of me?

I don't mind driving this car....... :D

Spot the Titanic Ship?

Picture Of the DAY!!!!! Mr. Frankenstein.

All of us! taken by some hot Indian guy~ Thanks!!

Zee Red Carpeeett.

Oh ya.
do you know EVERY UNIVERSAL STUDIO park entrance
they'll have the trademark, fountain ball thing.
Guess what. It was under construction.
Pftt. might as well take with the cardboard.

Candy Trees anyone? :D

I suddenly remember.
There was this weird uncle and i think with his "younger" friend
If you haven't notice my top is actually an off-shoulder tee from Cotton On.
Anyway, when I was heading in the park I was looking at my camera.
Of course I got a feeling that those uncles was looking at me.
As I was walking the uncles walked beside me and speaked in Mandarin:
"Little lady, BECAREFUL ohhhh"
whatthefuck. I was too distracted at that moment so I didn't know what he meant.
I just gave him a I-dont-understand-a-word-you-say look and walked away.
After I gave a thought of what he was saying
Of course he meant my bare shoulder!
(the shirt was sliding down at that time)
that uncles was being old fashioned.
When I went in the park, some girls even wore some singlets showing off their pretty bras.
Pfft. so much for BECAREFUL OHHHHHH~~