January 29, 2010

Move along boy....

Some people just don't get the message
Obviously she doesn't like you...
Yet you still stick like a leech..
and even secretly send hate mails to her...
We even tried disgusted and annoying expressions..
And you still don't get the picture..
Do you want her to say it to your face stop bothering her?
She also give you face by not mentioning anything...
she can "tahan" it I cannot...
Someday if I snap i might shout at you..
If you don't care about humiliating her
Why should she give you face...
With your actions, scared people don't know you like her ah?

Fine, let's not talk about this.
What about the time where you tried to "korek" history
What is in the past stays in the past..
And why does it even concern you...
it doesn't even have anything to do with you..
Trying to be the good guy and mend things?
Nobody appreciates a busybody..
Worst, you just listened to one side of the story
And jump to conclusions..
Then at last you make the situation even worst..
And PISS more people off..
Can't you just let things be..
You YOUR own self step into this mess that we were trying to get away from

If you wanna know the story
Just know and shut up..
Can't you be like everyone else
stay by the side lines and watch
And even your own friend cannot tahan you.


January 24, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

many of you may think i'll choose Taylor
but not this time~
i would DIE to go out with Ashton Kutcher!!!
he's so cute and adorable!!
not to mention he's tall..
and the smile of his........... OMYTIAN!!

our date would start off with him driving his expensive convertible to my house
after picking me up he drives to central park (yes, the place setting is new york)
and we'd have a picnic there by the lake~
then we walk hand in hand around the park...

when we got bored of the park we would drive to the upper east side and go shopping..
walking by the shops and people staring........
after tired of shopping we would go to his penthouse and rest...
!!!!!!!!! so romantic...
eh... but we won't DO anything k..

when night falls he would bring me to a really exclusive restaurant
and have dinner there..
then we would take me home in a limo...
at last of course got good night kiss lo...

not bad also compared to Lautner!