January 29, 2009


yay yay yay!!!
the moment we've all been waiting 4....

went back to(my hometown lo..)
was so happy to see the kids(I'm a teenager already k)
this year was kinda different...
i went out with my cousins and cousin's cousins to KARAOKE
lol... my first time...
went back to my grand parent's house bout 4AM?!
wth... never once in my life i have to sneak in my grandparents house(cause every1 else sleeping ma)
anyway.. all the pictures are with my cousin
so gonna get 'em once she's back...
we did some REALLY crazy stuff...
i even saw some1 fight at the club(oppss, i did not go in a club)
some girl....

OK... going to out tomorrow...(come stalk me O stalkers...)
just joking...

January 16, 2009


it suddenly dawn on me that
she really isn't going to come back
she no longer studies here
who's gonna share their bread with me
who's gonna teach me math

when you left
u kept telling Fiona to take of herself
You didn't say things like that to me cause u know i can take care of myself better than any1
i was hoping that we both need you so u don't have to go
i didn't cry badly on that day(u know how bad i can get)
just a few drops..
but when i went back to school today
i finally realize that you really ARE not coming back
i was this close to break down and cry out loud

i know we still can c each other on holidays
but maybe we won't be able to even meet a year
regarding how busy u are with tuition
i hope when we see each other again in the future
we won't just be hi bye friends
you didn't even cry when we said goodbye
but we both know u would when u reach home

we know each other all too well
i know we would separate sooner or later
but u just make it sooner
together for 4 years felt like i known u my whole life
you were the best friend i ever had


i hate you for apologizing to me all the time
i hate you for being so nice to me
i hate you for sharing your food with me
i hate you for being so close to me
i hate you for knowing me so well
most of all...
i hate you for all the things you did for me...*sniffs*

which makes it hard for me to let u go alone and go our separate ways...

life goes on so i wish you well and
good luck FOREVER and don't cry when u see this message

I know I'll get teased for writing such a post to you...
but i wanna look back and realize our friendship were so deep.