September 5, 2010

I can't believe people actually do this.

i SOOOO want to laugh at this guy's face..
i was talking through msn with my sister that day.
it was 3am cause she's in Switzerland and i have nothing else to do and........
so we were talking happilythen suddenly this guy msn me : hi..
I did what any person would and hi-ed back...
and guess what he replied...

click to enlarge :D

(after you read it)
just so you wondering why i replied "okay!" since he made SUCH a request..
well, i thought it was a computer virus thingy..
and it was funny.
but then slowly i realized it was really a guy ==
and my sister even asked me to reply the very naked part... LOL!!!!
I chickened out at last cause he wants to webcam!!
heh!!!! thank God i don't have one..
But be careful girls, you don't wanna meet this kind out people :P