February 4, 2012

The New Years :)

I am blogging again people! :D
Last year the lazy got the better of me so I kinda fell off the radar and went MIA for blogging.
But not to worry! I'm back and ready to continue all my bitching about how dramatic my life is again xD
Anyhoo... what's better to kickstart the year than a good old whatdididoformynewyears story.
If you expecting me to story on how i clubbed and drank and drunk and slept somewhere and prolly met some crazy guy... well I'm sorry to disappoint you :)

So this year the new years was rather....... decent?
On the 31th Dec 2011, i went downtown KL to countdown with my high school mates yo!
despite the warnings and heeds from the "experienced people" bout how chaotic it can be and dangerous..
Like the stubborn girl I am I still went on with it :P
Destination: Pavillion :)
Since I "frolic" around there often, they made me the tourguide -__-
had dinner in pavillion and made our way out to where the fireworks are suppose to be..
and lemme tell you... the place was JAM PACK. that you have to push your way through..
It was then we decided we can't really stand still until 12am to watch the fireworks..
So we moved towards SungaiWang..
eventually we decided to stop in the middle of the road and wait for the fireworks xD
it was okay cause all the roads were sealed anyway :D

the girls <3
Me, She-Reen, Fiona

they were spraying foam everywhere! was one of the victims :(

the only group photo we had :')

the boys!


And then there's CNY :)
went back to good ol' Melaka for reunion dinner with the family..
have you guys watched Little Nyonya the Singaporean award winning tv show?
well I'm a Peranakan, therefore the homecook food that I have during reunion dinners are rather different :D
we DO have ponteh and those spicy oriental dishes..
So the next morning we have the usual ANG POW ceremony :')
( on a side note i thought ang pow was spelled ang pau? the different spelling this year bothers me idontknowwhy. )
this year my dearest sister Catherine wasn't around to celebrate this festival with us :((
the table just gets longer and longer EVERY YEAR!

get ready for the annual photoshoot people! :D
all of us with 2 members overseas :(
HAZEL! :))



EXCLUSIVELY US. with ONE member missing! 

overall I had a good time and I realize that all these festivals that we have just give people a reason to gather and be together after being busy with our own lives.
I am truly grateful that I have a fairly BIG family tree and so MANY extended families to visit..
the thought of these people can be related to you even though you've never really met them just makes me think of how beautiful life is :')
and how lucky we are to have a family to go back to instead.

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