February 10, 2012

The last of 2012 new years :/

=( just like that 15 days of CNY is gone.... GONE.
never really get to finish visiting MOST of my friends' families =((
i think the last house i visited was Pn.Lau's house..
one of the teachers we share a close relationship with :D
therefore... visit to her place..
Missed Pn. Tan's house-visiting cause I had something else on...
what a waste..
anyhoo, it was good to see my ex-classmate again!
nice to be under one roof again that day :P

I seriously LOVE this photo... we're like a big family! =D =D

I think this might be the only photo i took with Michele EVER?? =O

Teacher's cutie middle child xD ( which bullied Fiona ) 

since it the last post for CNY this year..
I'll upload some of the good memories i had the beginning of this year =D
missing every moment of it already !
each photo with a different event =')
the ONLY photo of Kritz and I... PRICELESS! hehe

blood related-cousinsssss 

the crazy gang that camwhore all around PAVILLION with a  front camera of an IPAD2 xD (yes we seriously did that)



BBQ at Jan's place =))

Always the 3 of us in one photo huh :PP 

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